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Vivian Wood is the secondary antagonist in the 2000 film Charlie's Angels. Portrayed by Kelly Lynch, she worked for Eric Knox and hired the Charles Townsend Detective Agency to find him after he was kidnapped (which later is revealed to be a set up).


After the Angels find Knox and take him back to the agency, Vivian and Knox still want the Angels to retrieve Knox's software back from Red Star. After Natalie Cook breaks into Red Star and gets back Knox's software, Vivian asks where the technology is and Alex Munday tells her that John Bosley has it kept with him back at the Agency, Vivian disagrees with this as she believes that her and Eric Knox should run a full analysis to find the software, but she agrees when the Angel's tell her that they can't give her full access to Red Star as they need to find out if they really stole it, but they tell her that if they find any proof they will give it to them right away.

Later that night, Vivian tries to seduce Bosley whilst Natalie and Alex are out on their own with their boyfriends and Dylan Sanders at Knox's place for protection. It is later revealed that Vivian has sent an assassin to kill Natalie and Alex and has drugged Bosley. While Natalie and Alex manage to survive unharmed and meet up at the agency, Natalie calls Dylan to warn Knox about Vivian and then as Dylan comes in to give Knox the info, Vivian shows up and interrogates Dylan who just made love with Eric. Later, she pulls out a revolver on her and tells her that Natalie and Dylan are dead as she appears to be an accomplice of Knox. She also reveals that she hasn't killed Bosley but kept him in order to fulfill Knox's mission to kill Charlie.

Later the Angels find Knox's base camp and Vivian quickly captures Dylan as she confronts Eric. She sends four men to kill Natalie as she is trying to free Bosley, after Natalie takes care of them, Vivian shows up, and they duke it out. After some fighting between them it is revealed that Vivian is an excellent fighter. Though Natalie kicks her down and Dylan chains her with the Thin Man, Knox shows up aiming a missile at the Angels, but they dodge it and cause a huge explosion, presumably killing Vivian.

Covers and techniques[]

Vivian is an expert manipulator, being able to deceive the angels in giving her access to software of a rival. 

Vivian proved herself a highly skilled Wushu practitioner. She was able to keep up with Natalie in a fight.


  • Vivian grabs John and kisses him 4 times on his lips and lightly pushes him on the couch and climbs on the couch with him after he sent her in his room.
  • Vivian is seen wearing a leather skirt dress and leather black boots when she is in John's room.