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The Angels travel to the new Hawaii branch of Townsend Associates. Soon after their arrival, Kris is kidnapped by Tom Grainger and his two children, who claim she's responsible for Mrs. Grainger's death.


Client: none
Assignment: none
Complications: Kris got kidnapped by a man who blamed her for his estranged wife's suicide.
Romantic Entanglements: none
Outcome: The Angels were very passive in this episode. In particular, Kelly and Julie let a local psychic do all the work of finding Kris while they just sat in the back seat.

Memorable Quotes[]

Bosley: [to the angels] It's easy to see that none of you know anything about the loneliness of command.

Eleanor (the psychic): There seems to be a light ahead of her. It's very large and very bright.
Julie: The sun!
Eleanor: That could be.


Kris jumps onto a moving truck, but soon falls off it into a pile of manure.


This episode spanned part of one day.
Day 1 - The Angels arrive in Hawaii and Kris is kidnapped then rescued.


Guest star: Jane Wyman

The angels had a driver (named Kono), yet Kris drove off alone (and promptly got kidnapped by the episode's bad guys) even though his car was still parked in front of the offices. A couple of hours later, Bosley drove that car.

The chronology is slightly confused. Kris said that three years prior to the episode she was still on the San Francisco police force, but three years prior to when the episode aired she was already off the force and working for Charlie.