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Kelly takes Skip, an autistic little boy, on an outing to an amusement park. When away for a few moments, two hired killers bump into Skip after they have just murdered a man. One of the killers drops his gun near Skip who accidentally shoots Kelly and runs away. Kelly is hospitalized with a minor head wound and Sabrina and Jill take up the search for Skip, trying to find his whereabouts using clues from his favorite nursery rhyme. The killers visit Kelly in the hospital and learn the clues as well, determined to silence Skip before the Angels can rescue him.

Bosley Bumbles[]

  • Although well-meaning, Bosley mentioning that the killers might try to go after the boy while standing right next to an already-stressed out Kelly has to count as an error in judgement.


  • The girl in a red car wears a T-shirt sporting another Aaron Spelling- Leonard Goldberg series- Starsky and Hutch. As Spelling and Goldberg were producers of that show as well as Charlie's Angels, Columbia Pictures Television gave them the rights to use the T-shirt.
  • Guest Star: Robert Donner
  • This won't be the last time Kelly is shot and hospitalized; it will happen again in the very last episode of the series.
  • This episode is notable as the first truly serious episode of the series. Jill in particular is not heard making any of her stereotypically "kooky" comments, there are no bikinis to be seen (though Kelly sports a pair of shorts in the epilogue) and Sabrina's emotional response to Kelly being shot is often cited as one of Kate Jackson's finest moments on the show.
  • According to The Charlie's Angel's Casebook, the episode was originally written with Jill being the one shot, but it was decided to have the "more maternal" Kelly take the bullet instead.
  • Abandoning a child with autism (or other disabilities) and/or institutionalizing them is very dated in America now. This series premiered a year after federal special education laws guaranteeing all students regardless of severity/type of disability were legally guaranteed a free appropriate public education. Skip had existed when schools did not have to take him. Skip's mother apologizes and tells her second husband she had a child with disabilities--who agrees to be his stepfather. Skip does not have to go back to the sanitarium again.

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