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The Angels outsmart a conman for revenge for three separate clients with three separate cons involving Mexican artifacts, a broken down Rolls-Royce, and political graft.


Client: Professor Joan McKendrick, Mrs Pattison, and Mike Lloyd
Assignment: Out-grift a grifter in order to regain stolen money.
Complication: The Angels broke a lot of laws in order to succeed at their assignment.
Romantic Entanglements: none
Outcome: The Angels conned the conman out of exactly enough money to give the clients what they lost. (Presumably the clients then turned around and gave a lot of that money to Charlie as the Agency's fee.)

Memorable Quotes[]

Bosley: He's a man of two passions. Swindling is one. I'll give you the traditional three guesses as to the other.
Kris: Charlie, do you suppose that Tiffany, Kelly, or myself would qualify for Mr. Dexter's other passion?
Charlie: My dears, whyever do you think we're in this business?

Things of note[]

This episode was divided into subsections, two of which were subtitled "The Mayan Art Con" and "The Rolls Royce Con".

It was never explained how the Angels convinced Dexter's "personal mechanic", Malakian, to betray him.