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Angels Never Forget is episode 8 of the Charlie's Angels 2011 TV Series and also serves as the series finale due to cancellation by ABC. The episode was unaired in the U.S. but was shown in other countries


Theyre Not Saints

While jet-skiing, the Angels come across an unconcious man

While jet-skiing on a day off, the Angels come across an unconscious man (Jason Pendergraft) who Eve revives through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation; however, when the man (who they later discover is a Los Angeles Police Officer) is revived, he has amnesia and attempts at his life are made while


Eve resuscitates an unconcious man on the beach

the Angels


protect him and help him ascertain his true identity. Eve takes a


Abby and Kate go undercover

liking to the

Eve And Bosley

Eve and Bosley in the Final Moments of the Series

man and Bosley's feelings for her become apparent.