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Charlie calls on the Angels to solve the murder of the daughter of an old friend. In their quest to solve the killing, the three (Kelly posing as a magazine photographer, Jill as a tennis instructor and Sabrina as a guest) infiltrate an exclusive hotel-resort. They soon learn that the owner is an underworld figure who, after turning state’s evidence and getting a new identity as part of the government’s “witness relocation” program, has built a new criminal empire for himself.


  • Guest star: Robert Loggia
  • This was the first regular episode to be filmed.
  • In the Charlie's Angels Casebook, it's noted that Kate Jackson was miffed about her character being given a Pinto to drive, while the other Angels were given fancier vehicles such as Mustangs (it's indicated that the vehicles are company cars). The episode provides a storyline-based rationale as it's revealed that Sabrina has a tendency to get her company cars "banged up."
  • Jill displays creative thinking when she uses a band-aid from one of her fingers to keep a door from locking. Exactly why Jill is wearing bandages on the middle fingers of her right hand to start with is unclear.

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