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The Backwoods Inn

17846 Sierra Highway Santa Clarita, CA

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Kelly meets with Jessica Farmer to discuss a blackmail exchange while her car gets tampered with in the parking lot.

The Angels head to the Backwoods Inn where Kelly must put on a show posing as their client for some reason, but gets chloroformed in her dressing room and carried out the back door.

LOCATION NOTES: The Backwoods Inn, a dining staple in the small town of Santa Clarita, California (just north of L.A.) is a favorite with locals and tourists alike for its charming atmosphere and fantastic steaks, BBQ and seafood. Opened as a restaurant in 1968 - just eight years before the Charlie's Angels production team brought the show there on location - the Backwoods is still going strong and serving hearty food up right!

This fun location looks almost identical today as it did on the show, both inside and out. You'll see the only real difference if you go around to the back parking lot - it seems like a room or two have been added on, making the rear of the building look slightly different than when the unconscious Kelly was carried out the restaurant's back door.