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In separate incidents, an unknown assassin tries to kill Jill, Kelly and Sabrina. The pressure intensifies, forcing the girls to withdraw from their lives (e.g. Kelly breaking up with her boyfriend) and take the only sure refuge they know: Charlie's gated mansion. Their anticipation at the prospect of seeing Charlie for the first time dims when they suddenly realize they have led the killer to his real target—Charlie!


  • Guest stars: Michael Bell and Tom Selleck
  • This episode is notable to revealing major aspects of the Angels' private lives. We meet Kelly's boyfriend; learn that Sabrina is a divorcee who is still on (very) friendly terms with her ex-husband, who happens to be a cop; and we learn that Jill coaches a youth volleyball team for boys and girls.
  • We also meet Sabrina's father, a retired military colonel who has unexpected ties to the mercenary underworld. Although not mentioned in dialogue, his last name is given as Blaylock, which therefore is likely Sabrina's maiden name, as it's revealed that her ex-husband's last name is Duncan (indicating she chose to keep it).
  • This is the only episode to delve into the Angels' private lives to such a degree. It is also the only episode in which we see Kelly and Sabrina's homes (Kelly lives in a single-family home, while Sabrina lives in either an apartment or apartment condo), and we also see one of Charlie's homes which reveals that he (among other things) collects pinball machines.
  • Selleck plays Kelly's boyfriend. Despite the episode spending considerable time setting up their relationship, and introducing drama in Kelly trying to push him away for his own safety, he never appears on screen again. Nor does Sabrina's father, but her ex-husband, Bill Duncan, does return in "The Blue Angels".
  • A very ironic and foreshadowing scene occurs midway through the episode. When Bosley indicates that Charlie wants the Angels to lay low, but they refuse, he points out that it would be very difficult to replace any of them. He states this as he's looking at Sabrina; in real life, the series did find it very difficult to get a suitable replacement for Kate Jackson. On top of this, Jill then jokes that Charlie can't find anyone to work as cheap as they do; of course, at the end of the first season, Farrah Fawcett would leave the series as a regular after her demands for a salary raise are denied.

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