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"Well We Did The One Thing Charlie advised us against. We Got Emotionally Involved"

-Sabrina to Toby Mann in the Lady Killer

Sabrina was a founding employee of the Charles Townsend Detective Agency, and acted as the team leader. She worked as one for about three years, then resigned to get married and start a family.[1]


Sabrina was trained at the Los Angeles Police Academy. She had been married to another police officer, Bill Duncan, but was presumably already divorced when first seen. Her father is an ex-military man named Col. Blaylock, implying that her maiden name was Sabrina Blaylock; it is implied (by Blaylock in dialog) that her mother is deceased.

Covers and Techniques

Sabrina found exercise bicycles tiring, and gave up rather than attempting to match Grace Rodeheaver during an assignment.[2]

In 1979, Sabrina was awarded an honourary degree from Blackmoor College in recognition of her contribution to the solving of a murder that had happened on the campus.[3]

Sabrina skied well enough to be a leader in the World Pro-Am Skiing Competition, and nearly beat Carl Hansworth in slalom.

Fellow Angels

Sabrina was one of the founding Angels, alongside Kelly Garrett and Jill Munroe. After Jill resigned, Sabrina worked with her sister, Kris, for about two years.


In "Target: Angels," Sabrina's father asks her for one of her "home-cooked Chinese meals" in exchange for information. However, in "I Will Be Remembered," when Gloria Gibson asks Sabrina if she can cook, she answers hesitantly, "Uh...can you?"


Sabrina was the leader of the Angels for the first three seasons.