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Sabina Wilson is an Angel working for Charles Townsend and the main character in the 2019 Charlie's Angels film. She is portrayed by Kristen Stewart.


Born as a heiress on October 29, 1990 in Park Avenue on New York, Sabina grew up feeling abandoned by her family which eventually culminated in a long criminal history including breaking and entering, assault, battery, grand theft auto, and identity theft. She was incarcerated at New York State Prison multiple times before being bailed out by Charlie and began her new life as an Angel in 2012. Sabina states that if it were not for the Angel program, she would likely be dead or still in prison.


In Rio de Janeiro, 2018, Sabina teamed up with fellow Angel Jane Kano and five other Angels to stop Jonny Smith, an Australian embezzler. Over dinner, Sabina distracted Jonny while Jane and the other angels disarmed the guards to gain access to Jonny's account information.



One year later, Sabina and Jane were reunited to assist Edgar Bosley's assignment in Hamburg. Their new client, lead programmer Elena Houghlin, is a corporate whistle-blower that plans to out Peter Fleming, Brok Industries for concealing the fatal flaws in the Castilo project. Sabina monitors the perimeter from the balcony in a nearby building while Jane poses as a waitress in the cafe Edgar and Elena are meeting in. They are ambushed by the assassin, Mr. Hodak, who is after Elena's flashdrive containing evidence against Fleming. Jane fights Hodak to give Edgar enough time to evacuate in a car with Elena. Hodak pursues them in an assault vehicle while Sabina tails them on a motorcycle. Jane and Hodak exchange fire until Hodak overturns their car into the river. While Jane rescues Elena from the sinking car, Sabina attempts to capture Hodak before he detonates his car and knocks her unconscious.

After the incident, they meet up with Bosley 342 who takes them to Safe House 6. They begin suspecting that the assassin's contractor may be someone with inside information on the Townsend Agency. Sabina, Jane, and Elena begin tracking down the Calisto merchants by retrieving the Calisto prototypes from Brock Industries disguised as Susan, Elena's co-worker. Sabina steals Pradeep Prasad's ID card from the gym and meets Jane and Elena in the bathroom to go over the plan - Sabina will take the six prototypes from the vault and Elena retrieves the prototype from her lab while Jane distracts security. Sabina reports that the prototypes were already taken by Fleming to Bosley 342, who informs them that Pradeep has unexpectedly returned to work. Sabina and Jane distract security while Elena retrieves the Calisto prototype. The security captain Ralph and his team begin locking down the building just as Sabina changes disguise and leaves. She rejoins Bosley 342 to pick up Jane and Elena, who unintentionally killed Ralph with an electromagnetic pulse while escaping. They fly to Berlin, where Bosley 342 reports that Fleming is planning to sell the prototypes in Istanbul, beyond the agency's bounds.


They meet with Jane's contact from the MI6, Fatima Ahmed, who reluctantly agrees to help them. The Angels trail Fleming and discover his plans to appear at a Turkish derby to meet with the buyer. Sabina disguises herself as a rider to grab Fleming's briefcase while Elena infiltrates the press box and hacks the security cameras to keep track of Fleming. Jane is positioned in a nearby tower providing tactical support, until she and Sabina see Hodak, the assassin, and realize there is no sale. Sabina chases Fleming on horseback while Bosley 342, Jane, and Elena pursue them.

After Sabina is knocked off her horse, they follow Fleming to a rock quarry north of the city. Sabina and Jane prepare to apprehend Fleming and the buyer while Elena takes control the computer room. They discover Jonny Smith is the proxy for the buyer, who demands Fleming to demonstrate Calisto's effectiveness. Fleming's conceals his cluelessness about Calisto by refusing to kill anyone and is shot by Hodak, who is actually working with Jonny. Sabina and Jane's positions are compromised and get into a shootout with Jonny's thugs while Elena struggles in the computer room. Sabina attempts to capture Jonny who is still infatuated with her and asks if she wants to run off with him just before he escapes. While Jane chases Hodak who has taken hold of the prototypes, Sabina is accidentally trapped in a rock grinder fighting one of the thugs and barely escapes.

Sabina is the first to suspect that Bosley 342 has been sabotaging their mission after her mysterious disappearance during the shootout. Elena picks up the ringing phone to be warned by John Bosley when an explosive in the building is detonated by Hodak. Unable to find Elena, Jane carries an injured and unconscious Sabina to seek help from Fatima. Sabina wakes up to comfort a distraught Jane, who also called the Saint for assistance. Sabina and Jane were initially infuriated to see Bosley 342 until she explains that it was actually John Bosley who betrayed them to acquire the Calisto prototypes and kidnapped Elena.


Sabina, Jane, and Bosley 342 stage a rescue mission for Elena. At Alexander Brok's party in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Sabina steals the key from the room where Elena and Langston are held captive while Jane takes revenge by killing Hodak. Bosley 342 and the Angels successfully disarm John Bosley's agents and apprehend John. Right before Bosley 342 finishes her speech, Sabina knocks John unconscious with a punch. With the assignment complete, Sabina, Jane, and Bosley 342 invite Elena to undergo Angel training in California, which she gladly accepts. After becoming an official Angel, Sabina and Jane witnessed Elena getting the official Angel tattoo, suggesting that the three are now an official team of the Townsend Agency.


Sabina can be described as the "hard-partying, highly skilled wild card" Angel. [1] Although free-spirited and cavalier at times, Sabina is deeply caring and empathetic, especially towards her friends. Sabina considers herself to be highly annoying as she believes she lacks the "filter" most people have.

During missions she often plays the role of decoy or distraction. However, she is easily distracted by dogs and attractive women herself. This may indicate that she is non-heterosexual, as Sabina is highly charming and flirts with men and women - however, on her date with Jonny she expresses that was the "most embarassing date" she ever had, during which was the only instance where she flirted with a man.

Physical Appearance[]

Sabina has green eyes, bleached short hair, and fair skin. She has the smallest stature on the Angel team.

Like the other Angels, Sabina dons a variety of looks, including a sparkly mini-dress and long blonde wig.[2] Sabina typically opts for streetwear and denim accents when she is not undercover, and has many of the agency's leather jackets in her own closet.

Skills and weapons[]

  • Expert martial artist: Sabina is skilled in a variety of martial arts enabling her to overpower larger and stronger opponents.
    • Boxing: Like the other angels, Sabina is highly skilled in boxing.
  • Acrobatics: Sabina appears to be skilled in acrobatics and gymnastics, as she moves with ease in aerial skills.
  • Skilled marksman: Sabina is highly knowledgable in the use of firearms.
  • Experienced horse rider: As a former heiress, Sabina is proficient in riding horses as part of her education.
  • Weapons specialist: Sabina is an expert with using the Saints weaponry, such as the tranquilizer mints.
  • Master grifter: Sabina is highly charismatic and seductive, as she easily allures opponents like Johnny Smith who remains infatuated with her even after her identity as an Angel is revealed. Sabina is often the decoy or diversion who creates an opening for the other angels.


"I think women can do anything."
"Every one of us... men, women, we all just want to fullfill our potential. Live our heart's desires. That's the kind of world I want to live in."
"More money, more problems."
"More money, more horses.


  • She is the universe's first LGBTQIA + character introduced.
  • Sabina is the oldest of the Angels in her team.
  • Even after he was caught by the Angels and Bosley, Johnny remains enamored with Sabina. He even suggests that they should escape together during a shootout with one another.
  • This is Kristen Stewart's first role in Charlie's Angels as Sabina Wilson, she revealed later, breaking silence that she "hated making the movie".