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Undercover at a fashion show to solve the murder of a runway model, the Angels discover that Kate's ex-fiancé Detective Ray Goodson is involved with the case.


Client: Gabriella's parents
Assignment: Find Gabriella Tucker, a missing fashion model.
Complications: none.
Romantic Entanglements: Ray Goodson, Kate's ex-fiancé, was assigned to the case.
Outcome: They found Gabriella's corpse.

Memorable Quotes[]

Roy Goodson: Do as the lady says, or I will shoot you.



This was the first episode to use the new credit sequence, with Eve instead of Gloria.

Kate was willing to torture someone for information in this episode, while Eve and Abby looked on approvingly.

The Angels solved the case relatively early in the episode, but kept investigating just because they wanted to. This was in spite of the fact that the man Kate called the best cop in the department was already on the case.