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Charles Townsend's client wants to prove that a missing vineyard owner, Vince Le Maire, was murdered by his second wife and his foreman. The Angels set up a sophisticated caper in which Kelly Garrett and Sabrina Duncan pose as the wealthy heiress and Jill Munroe as dowdy secretary and backwoods gunslinger.


  • Guest Stars: Diana Muldaur, Tommy Lee Jones, Bo Hopkins & David Ogden Stiers.
  • David Ogden Stiers plays Scott Woodville, who in the pilot is depicted as the Angels' superior and direct liaison with Charlie. Bosley is his assistant in this episode. In the story, Woodville is similar to Jim Phelps in Mission: Impossible, organizing the cover stories and instigating "Plan B" when things go wrong. According to The Charlie's Angels Casebook, negative response to the character by test audiences resulted in Woodville being eliminated when the series began, his function taken over fully by Bosley.
  • The film features a unique version of the opening credits narration with alternate footage of the Angels training at the academy. The closing credits are also unique in that they end with a panning close-up of a photo of the three Angels, who state "call us if you need us." This is not repeated in the series.
  • The first third of the pilot film actually features very little of Sabrina and Jill, as Kelly is given the spotlight as she establishes her cover. According to The Charlie's Angels Casebook, the series was devised with the idea of Kate Jackson being the lead of the three Angels, and she was originally cast as Kelly (hence the spotlight on that character to start). In pre-production, however, Jackson switched to Sabrina, giving newcomer Jaclyn Smith the lead in the pilot film.

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