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Peter Fleming is a major antagonist in the 2019 Charlie's Angels flim. He is the head of development for the Calisto project at Brok Industries. He is played by Nat Faxon.


Concealing Elena's warnings about Calisto's defects, Fleming attempted to assasinate her in order the sell the six Calisto prototypes on the black market. He struck a deal with an unknown buyer (later revealed to be John Bosley) and meets with his representative, Jonny Smith, in Istanbul. However, Fleming's ignorance about Calisto results in Hodak fatally shooting him.


Fleming is a manipulative and ruthless man whose only goal is financial profit, as he attempted to market Calisto as a superweapon and kill Elena. Although he was Calisto's project manager at Brock Industries and takes credit for Elena's work, Fleming is oblivious to the scientific underpinnings of Calisto.

Physical Appearance[]

Fleming is only seen wearing light colored suits. He has short, dirty blonde hair, medium blue eyes, and light skin.


"That short-sighted, greedy traitor." - Brok condemning Fleming