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Hollister was a fighter pilot in the navy. He was wounded in Vietnam. He was decorated twice and honourably discharged. After that, he became a freelance international photo journalist.

Hollister's girlfriend worked with the Peace Corps. She and Wes Anderson's wife were both killed during the fighting in Saigon.

Though he and his partner in crime, Wes Anderson, were involved in some brilliantly-conceived thefts, Hollister was never convicted of anything. Paul used the money from his thefts to help people leave Vietnam and move to wherever they wanted to go.

He took on a job to steal five million dollars worth of antiquities for Mr. Damajaran, a wealthy criminal. His intent was to fence the antiquities and never see Damajaran again. He had found a fence who had promised him three million dollars, but in order to keep on good terms with Kris he agreed to return them in exchange for a million dollars from the insurance company.