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Pat Justice was an interior decorator hired by Charlie to finish the inside of his yacht, the Wayward Angel. When Charlie told her that he needed someone to sail the ship through the Panama Canal and to the Caribbean, she said that she could find someone and hired Captain Webner.

This turned out to be a big scheme. Captain Webner was a gun-runner, and Pat and her boyfriend (Ken Atamien) were trying to steal seven million dollars from General Ranez of Port-au-Fait. Pat pretended to falling in love with Bosley, even inviting him back to her place for the night, in order to lure him into a false sense of security. It worked; even when the evidence pointed to her involvement, Bosley confronted Pat about the evidence involving her deception and her role as an accomplice to Atamien being responsible with the previous heists and stash of the stolen money when Bosley first told Charlie and the Angels that he didn't think that at first she was partially-responsible.

Pat and Atamien worked out of an office at Day's Yacht Brokerage in the marina.

After Atamien was murdered, Pat agreed to turn state's evidence. Kris said its likely that she would be released on probation.