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Paolo Donettelli had been a university student in Rome, and was a member of the Patriots for a Free Society. He was involved in a demonstration alongside his father and their friend, Franco Cirella. Vincenti and Franco were arrested for this and spent two years in prison. It's unclear whether Paolo continued his studies during this time, but by the time they were released he was a sufficiently skilled skier to use this as a cover and enter a pro-am competition. (Vincenti and Franco presumably already had these skills, since they would not have had time to develop them after their release from prison.)

Paolo went along with his father's scheme to kidnap Carl Hansworth, who had been a speaker at the event they had protested. Paolo didn't know his father's plans for Hansworth, and lacked the will to stop Sabrina (to whom he was attracted) when she escaped his custody. Sabrina stole a snowmobile and used it to run down Vincenti, killing him. Paolo was subsequently arrested, but Sabrina asked Phil Chadway to see what he could do for him.[1]

It was revealed that when Sabrina left the Townsend Agency it was to get married and start a family.[2] Paolo Donettelli would seem to be a possible candidate for the mystery man who married her and fathered her child.