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Kris flies to Phoenix to act as bait to lure a man back to Los Angeles. When she learns he's a serial rapist and murderer, she's determined to finish the case and disobeys Charlie to do so. On the drive back to Los Angeles, they have a deadly confrontation at an abandoned mine in the desert.


Client: Harry Silver
Assignment: Return Vic Devlin to Los Angeles.
Complication: Unbeknownst to Silver, Devlin isn't just a thief; he's also a serial rapist and murderer.
Romantic Entanglements: Devlin pretends to be interested Kris, and she plays along.
Outcome: Devlin is captured.

Things of note[]

There is a very creepy cut between scenes. After Devlin breaks into the hotel room where Kris is staying, he's waiting for her when, wearing only a towel, she steps out of the shower. The scene goes black, and at the start of the next scene Kris is fully clothed and looking upset and hurt as Devlin escorts her from the hotel at gunpoint.