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After an attempt on her life, Kelly hires Charlie to confirm her new identity. Kris and Kelly clash over their love triangle, and both are devastated when the lawyer dies. Finally, Tiffany and Bosley solve the case, learning Kelly's new cousin arranged the deaths so he could profit from a land deal to sell the hotel.


Client: Kelly Garrett
Assignment: Discover whether Kelly was the same person as Margaret Ellen Barrows.
Complication: Both Kelly and Kris fell in love with the same man, making it difficult to work together.
Romantic Entanglements: Kelly and Kris both loved Bill Cord, and he said that he loved them both.
Outcome: Bill Cord died. Kelly proved that she wasn't Margaret Ellen Barrows. Kelly and Kris both resigned from the Townsend Agency, but talked each other out of quitting.

Things of note[]

Guest stars: Patrick Duffy, Robert Reed

This was Shelley Hack's final episode, and the only two-part episode to air as two separate episodes instead of a two-hour special.