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Charlie counts on Kelly’s striking resemblance to a fashion model who was a victim in a series of rag doll stranglings. The wife of a well-known fashion designer is the next victim. Narrowing the possibilities, the Angels date the three most suspected men, knowing one of them is a killer of great ingenuity and imagination.


  • Richard Mulligan guest stars.
  • Jill invokes the "dumb blonde" stereotype a few times in this episode, randomly asking about a suspect's astrological sign during the mission briefing, and she is apparently supposed to be taking memory classes but she forgets to go (although Sabrina is the one who brings this up, this is likely a joke).
  • Prior to this episode, any physical altercation between an Angel and a villain has been confined to pushing, throwing nets over, etc. In this episode Sabrina engages in the first direct physical assault on a bad guy, setting one on fire and then punching another in the jaw, though she injures her hand in the process (and can be seen still rubbing the same hand in the epilogue).