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There are many unseen former Angels from the 80's and 90's and also Angels that have a small role in the movies they appear. That does not mean they are less important, as this page is dedicated to them.

Angel Wall of Fame - Charlie's Angels 2000[]

The main Angels of this movie are: Natalie Cook, Alex Munday and Dylan Sanders, but on a wall of a small hallway in the Townsend Agency, which is easy to miss, there are about 18 photos of former Angels.

Among them are: Kelly Garrett, Julie Rogers and Sabrina Duncan. But there are also some new faces:

Brooke Shields[]

Heather Locklear[]

Angel Wall of Fame - Charlie's Angels 2003[]

Again this prestigious wall appears in the new office of the Townsend Agency, showing other former Angels, some we know such as: Julie Rogers and Kris Munroe.

Heather Locklear[]

Jodi Foster[]

Janet Jackson[]

Christie Brinkley[]

Various Angels - Charlie's Angels 2019[]

Rio Angels[]

Berlin Angel[]

Istanbul Angel[]

Party Angels[]

Angel Recruits[]



  • Rebekah reveals that Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG for short) is or was an Angel, and she did a mission in 1999 which involved jumping from a plane. This is most likely why Angels to this day have a training in which they jump from a plane. After revealing this information Rebekah said "forget what I said", which implies that this information is secret.
  • In Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle the book by David Leviathan, which we don't know if it is canon, there is an Angel named Cello Jackson, who was Alex Munday's favorite past Angel,and was said that "she won the Kentucky Derby and went on to become surgeon general".