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With Sabrina Duncan leaving the agency to have a baby, Tiffany Welles joins the agency and the Angels track a missing fortune in ancient artifacts while on a cruise to the Virgin Islands. While on "The Love Boat", Kris falls for the main suspect who is both a thief and a Peace Corps worker. But their romance may be cut short as a crime boss is after them all.


Client: James Avery
Assignment: Retrieve stolen antiquities.
Complications: Kris fell for the thief.
Romantic Entanglements: Kris and Paul Hollister became very attached to each other.
Outcome: Avery paid Hollister a million dollars to return the antiquities.

Memorable Quotes[]

Tiffany: utilitas ante iustitiam

Things of Note[]

  • This is a crossover episode which combines Charlie's Angels and another Aaron Spelling Leonard Goldberg-produced series, The Love Boat. Guest stars: Bert Convy, Dick Sargent, and the cast of The Love Boat.
  • It was never explained why a cruise ship leaving Los Angeles was almost immediately in the Caribbean. The time elapsed seemed far too short for a trip through the Panama Canal, and there was no plot-related necessity for the story to unfold in the Atlantic instead of the Pacific.
  • With the arrival of Shelley Hack, the opening credits undergo a major change. Jaclyn Smith is now the top-billed of the three actresses, followed by Cheryl Ladd and Hack. For Hack's part of the "very hazardous duties" montage, the credits reuse the same gag used for Jill Munroe in the first season, with a pile of forms being dropped on Tiffany's desk.