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Jill becomes a candidate for the centerfold of “Feline Magazine”, hoping to tempt the hand of the murderer of two previous models. There are many suspects on the magazine’s staff and the infighting is so intense that attempts on the lives of undercover employees Kelly and Sabrina further cloud the investigation, including a water bed wired to electrocute Sabrina. Sabrina is also tempted by Feline “Kitty” Club owner, a Hugh Hefner-like publisher!


  • In the previous episode, "To Kill an Angel", Jill was propositioned to pose for an adult magazine.
  • To make up for it not being seen in "Target: Angels", Jill's home is seen for the first time as we learn she lives by the beach. The Angels appear to be comfortable enough in the place for Sabrina to help herself to a drink when Jill isn't there.
  • According to Charlie's Angels Casebook, the Feline costume worn by Farrah in this episode is later worn by Cheryl Ladd in "Circus of Terror".

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