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"We got to move."

Kate Prince was a dedicated detective-turned dirty cop-turned angel for Charles Townsend. She serves alongside other angels, Eve French and Abby Simpson.


Kate had been engaged to Detective Ray Goodsonfor three years, two months, and one day when he broke it off. They were two weeks away from the wedding when he did. Kate worked in a scandal when the story blew. Amanda Kane, was supposedly said to ruin Kate's career and life, but she stated "She didn't ruin my career, I did."

Covers and Techniques[]

Kate is well-trained in hand-to-hand combat, and while unarmed can disarm and take down larger opponents.

Kate is a former Miami Police Detective. She has got detective skills, such as leadership, body language interpretation, psychological assessment and also possesses contacts inside Miami Police Force and in the crime world. [1]

Kate is a fluent Russian speaker.[2]