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Julie was born in New York and raised in a tough neighbourhood. Her father left when Julie was too young to remember.[1]

Julie was arrested a couple of times as a teenager, for (in Charlie's words) "minor things: a couple of street scuffles, disturbing the peace."[2]

When she was 24, Julie was arrested for shoplifting a dress and sentenced to six months at the Sybil Brand Correctional Facility.[3]

Julie graduated from "a top school for models".[4]

Two years before being hired by the Townsend Agency, Julie was on vacation in Mexico City. While there she witnessed a hired assassin shoot up a train station.[5]

Before being hired by the Townsend Agency, Julie lived with Jody Mills. Julie said that Jody usually told her everything, even though they rarely saw each other.[6]

Julie's mother died of acute alcoholism two years before she started working at the Townsend Agency.[7]

Covers and Techniques

Before she worked at the Townsend Agency she drove a silver sedan.[8] When she was driving the team in a high-speed chase on the sand she drove into a ditch and let the criminals escape.[9]

Julie was on the cover of Elite Magazine.[10]

She knew how to scuba dive.[11]

Fellow Angels

Julie worked alongside Kelly and Kris.

During her second episode, when Kris was kidnapped, Julie had this to say: "A few days ago I was alone, then all of a sudden we're here together, and now I'm... I'm being torn up inside about a girl I hardly even know."[12]

Memorable Quotes

Model: Hi Julie!
Julie: Hi.
Model: Wanna learn how to cook in a microwave?
Julie: I'm not into cooking.
Model: Oh! How are you gonna feed your husband when you get married?
Julie: I'll send out.
Model: Now he'll get tired of that.
Julie: So much for the marriage![13]


Julie Rogers appeared in every episode of season five of the original series.