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John Bosley (aka "Bosley Zero Zero One") worked with Charlie at least five years before the start of the series.[1] Bosley bragged that no one had ever violated his body with a sharp instrument.[2]

Bosley did some field work, but mostly he stayed in the office and kept the Angels in contact with Charlie. He had some investigatory skills, was competent with paperwork, and was proficient with a pistol. He knew how to drive a speedboat.[3] He was sufficiently knowledgeable to pass as a professional bartender.[4].

Bosley once had his appendix removed unnecessarily while under cover.

In 1979, Bosley was awarded an honourary degree from Blackmoor College in recognition of his contribution to the solving of a murder that had happened on the campus.[5] He clearly had some actual education as well, given that he understood Latin.[6] Bosley studied roller skating with Gert, an aspiring roller derby skater.[7]

Bosley went to Cheerio restaurant almost every day before going to the office.[8]

Bosley confessed to being a caffeine-addict while dining with Ellen Miles.

Bosley was sufficiently comfortable dancing the tango that he could punctuate it by making faces and pretending to kick another dancer. Apparently he stepped on his toe during the process.[9] Bosley acted in the Pirates of Penzance in school, and though he was able to recall some of the lyrics later he had forgotten the melody associated with them.[10]

Bosley drove a blue and brown station wagon.[11]


Lisa Gallo: Have you ever been married?
Bosley: Never.
Lisa Gallo: Now how could such an attractive man as you stay single, hmm?
Bosley: Oh, there's a lot to be said for being a single.
Lisa Gallo: Well, you don't have to sell me on staying single. I've been single... several times myself.[12]

Bosley (Bill Murray) as he appears in THE 2000 Charlie's Angels film.


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