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Professor McKendrick lost $75 000 to a conman named Harley Dexter. She somehow came to be in the Townsend Agency's office with two other people who had been conned out of money by him, but she didn't understand how or why.

Like Mrs Pattison, Professor McKendrick was taken in by Dexter's con that revolved around oil-rich lands.

Professor McKendrick was very excited to be involved in the con to take money away from Dexter, and as a result ended up overacting quite a bit. In spite of this, Dexter was taken in and the con was a success.[1] She had stage experience as an actress in the Pirates of Penzance; perhaps she forgot that she didn't need to play to the back of the balcony.


  1. Note that this is discussing the acting ability of the character, not of Ms Terri.