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Jimmy takes the place of his brother John Bosley as the next boy angel in the second movie Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. The Angels and Charlie refer to him as simply Bosley.

He first poses as a coroner at the house of the first dead protected witness.

He then helps the Angels eliminate suspects at the ebach by finding out what types of waxes are being used by the suspects.

After Max comes into the protective custody of the Angels, Bosley takes him to his mother's house, promising Max "no one named O'Grady ever set foot in South Central".

He gets the Angels into the cargo hold at San Pedro Harbour.

Later on, when the Angels return the H.A.L.O. rings to Ray Carter, Bosley says Ray forgot his keys and throws them to him. Ray reaches to catch the keys, then throws them back, saying they're not his. The Angels noticed how well he was able to reach to catch the keys, leading them to believe he faked his injuries. They conclude that Ray was planning to fake his death so he wouldn't be suspected, and that he planned to sell both rings all along. They thank Bosley for this.

At the premiere of Maximum Extreme 2, the Angels warn Bosley they are moving to Plan B. Madison Lee throws a bomb towards the crowd, and Bosley says, "Plan B stand for Plan Bosley!" before using a pole as though it were a baseball bat to hit the bomb away from the crowd. It explodes in midair, and no one is injured.


*He's the first Bosley so far who served as the 4th angel rather than Charlie's assistant.

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