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Jane Kano is a main character and an Angel of the Charles Townsend Detective Agency in the 2019 film Charlie's Angels. She is portrayed by Ella Balinska.


Jane Kano was the youngest agent to be recruited by MI6. During her time there, Jane left a fellow agent named Fatima Ahmed behind during a mission which deeply embittered her. Later, Jane left MI6 and became an Angel for the Townsend Agency.


In 2018, Jane worked with fellow Angel Sabina Wilson and five others in Rio de Janeiro to acquire accounting files from the Australian embezzler, Jonny Smith. While Sabina courted Jonny over dinner, Jane and the other Angels secured the building and disarmed his men.



A year later, Jane reunites with Sabina as they were called in for another case at Hamburg when an engineer and scientist named Elena Houghlin wanted to expose her superior as the project she help create called Calisto can be use for evil purposes. However, they were ambush by an assassin named Hodak and killed Edger Bosley but manage to save Elena. After meeting up with Rebekah Bosley, Jane and Sabina teamed up with Elena in the case. During the case, Jane embarked on a flirtatious exchange at Brok Industries with a lab assistant named Langston.


In addition, Jane found Fatima Ahmed and made amends with her for what happen during her time in MI6 as she needed her help in the case. After Elena got captured by John Bosley, who went rogue, Jane, Sabina and Rebekah Bosley stage a rescue operation.


Jane exacted her revenge on Hodak for killing Edger Bosley after impaling him on an ice sculpture. After the Angels captured John Bosley, Jane, Sabina, and Bosley 342 invite Elena to become an Angel. Jane also begins a romantic relationship with Langston after he was rescued along with Elena. After Elena completed her training as an Angel, Jane and Sabina witness her getting the official Angel tattoo, suggesting the three of them are now an official team of the Townsend agency.


Jane has a strong skill in fighting and the use of weapons, such as rifles. She is independent, sensible, reserved, and assertive. Jane was left heartbroken over Edgar’s slaying, as she saw him as a mentor. Jane became vengeful with a vendetta which Rebekah Bosley mentions that Charlie frowns on vengeance. She had a habit of doing things by herself, which is why she is known to be independent, and ask for no ones help. However, during the Calisto case, Jane comes to the realization that she cannot do everything on her own.

Physical Appearance[]

Jane has dark brown eyes, long brown hair, and caramel skin. She has the tallest stature on the Angel team.


  • Expert martial artist: a highly skilled fighter and the tallest she often does most of the fighting. Jane is very analytical, as despite early losses against the assassin Hozak she studied his fighting style and eventually found a way to defeat him in their final confrontation.
  • Expert markswoman: as a former MI6 agent and current angel, Jane is a skilled markswoman proficient in handling a variety of weapons.
  • Peak physical condition: strong and capable she was able to sustain multiple blows and overpower the elite assassin Hozak. Jane has showed great reflexes and agility.
  • Tactician: Jane is able to create complex plans to perform daring missions.