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Avery hired the Agency to retrieve items that had gone missing during transport. His job was to make sure that his employer, Eastern International Insurance, didn't have to pay out on expensive claims unnecessarily.

When Tiffany said utilitas ante iustitiam (expediency before justice), Avery thought that it was very well put. He didn't care about making sure that criminals got charged; he just wanted to save his company some money.

Avery was charged with ensuring that Eastern International Insurance didn't have to pay five million dollars to the Wellington Museum. Eventually he made a deal with the thief, agreeing to pay a million dollars in exchange for the stolen merchandise. He tried to rip off the thief at the last minute, but was foiled by Kris.

Memorable Quotes[]

Avery: I'm not really interested in Paul Hollister's moral character. I just want the merchandise.