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The Angels learn murder never takes a holiday when Julie identifies a member of the Red Circle terrorist group who is planning on assassinating of diplomat Eric Nillson.


Client: Lt Torres
Assignment: Identify an assassin arriving in Hawaii.
Complications: Though the assassin is easily identified and arrested, he brags that he has backup.
Romantic Entanglements: Lisa Gallo made a move on Bosley.
Outcome: The Angels found both assassins.

Memorable Quotes[]

Kris: A professional assassin coming to Hawaii to fill a contract. Sounds more like a case for James Bond instead of us!


Kelly is attacked by a luggage retailer. She defeats him in hand-to-hand combat.

When the assassin tries to kill Nillson in the airport, Kelly disarms her and then Kris tackles her.


Day 1—Lt Torres hires the Townsend Agency, briefs the department, and leads everyone to the airport. Julie immediately recognizes Frederick Ober, who is arrested. Ober promptly brags that he has backup on the mission. The Agency heads to the Club Aloha vacation group site to search. In the evening someone breaks into Julie's room and steals her camera's film.
Day 2—One of the singles (Jack Barrows) dies from poison.
Day 3—Nillson arrives in Hawaii, and the Angels stop the assassin.


Guest stars: Barbi Benton, Lyle Waggoner

Eric Nillson is the head of World PAC, an international peace organization. An assassination attempt was made against him in the Athens airport just before the start of this episode.