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When a club owner and a number of go-go dancers are kidnapped, the Angels are brought in to find them.


Client: Marion Moss
Assignment: Rescue Steve Moss.
Complications: Julie got captured (and held with Steve Moss).
Romantic Entanglements: none
Outcome: The Angels rescued Steve Moss.

Memorable Quotes[]

Kelly: Charlie, think of something! Please!
Charlie: I have thought of something. I'm going to pay the ransom.


Kris drove an enormous truck through a warehouse door just in time to save Moss and Julie as their cage came crashing to the ground.


Day 1—The Angels attend a dance performance at Steve Moss's nightclub. He fires one of his dancers, then gets kidnapped by four people in pig masks.
Day 2—Late in the day, Marion Moss hires the Townsend Agency to rescue her husband. Kelly asked a few questions of the dancers. That evening during the show, one of the dancers went missing, with a threatening note left behind.
Day 3—Kris and Julie audition as dancers for the club. Kris is hired. Marion fakes dropping the ransom money, and the kidnappers figure it out. Julie also gets hired, then kidnapped.
Day 4—Marion Moss pays one million dollars of Charlie's money to the kidnappers, then Kris, Kelly, and Bosley follow them and rescue the victims just before they were murdered.


Guest star: Gene Barry