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Elegant mansions are being looted; Kris goes undercover at the suspicious Kingsbrook realty company. With Tiff posing as a seller with a collection of valuable letters, and Boz and Kelly as buyers, can they break up the crime ring before Kris gets into hot water?


Client: Mrs. Mayhew
Assignment: Investigate the theft of rare Egyptian jewelry immediately following an open house.
Complication: none
Romantic Entanglements: none
Outcome: Mrs. Mayhew was never seen after the opening and the result of her husband's head injury wasn't revealed. The thieves were caught, and the Egyptian jewelry was recovered.

Things of note[]

The Mayhews discovered that the realtors hadn't armed the house's security system after they left. Additionally, the police had previously investigated that particular real estate company for similar crimes. Given that the insurance company was going to have to pay millions of dollars in compensation, it seems odd that someone like James Avery wasn't on Kingsbrook's case.

Ernest Harada's portrayal of Chang was one of the worst examples of racial stereotyping on the series. A Mexican gardener stereotype was also portrayed in this episode, and Shelley Hack's scene with the gardener demonstrates why her acting wasn't quite working in the series.

Some usual sound effect rehashes of the series are evident here: Mrs. Mayhews' older husky voice lets out the blood-curdling young woman's high pitched screams as her husband is clubbed by the burglar; The long broken glass sound effect occurs shortly thereafter.