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The Angels track a handsome conman. When they discover his next target is an awkward mafia daughter, Kris poses as a con artist as well to gain his trust. With Kelly as the woman's friend and Julie contacting the Mafia don, the Angels return their client's money and the conman hears unexpected wedding bells.


Client: Barbara & Jane Stone
Assignment: Recover $100 000 from a grifter.
Complications: The Angels worry about the feelings of one of Thornwood's victims.
Romantic Entanglements: Kris leads on Thornwood, who kisses her.
Outcome: The Angels recover the Stones' money.

Memorable Quotes[]

Joe Fenell: The first rule around here is: Nobody lies to Joe.
Julie: Joe?
Joe: Joe. Me. I'm Joe.
Julie: smiling Good. Let's use first names.
Joe: not smiling Do you wanna know what the second rule around here is?
Julie: How many guesses do I get?
Joe: None! Cuz I'm gonna tell ya. The second rule around here is: You don't lie to Joe.

Kelly: to Kris Are you crazy!?
Kris: Well maybe I am maybe I'm not, but let's talk about it.
Kelly: We just did. You're crazy.


Julie tries (and fails) to evade capture in a meat packing plant.


Day One—Bosley poses as a mark Kris has swindled out of $50 000 dollars, and she meets John Thornwood. They spend the evening together.
Day Two—Kelly and Julie meet Monica Regis, Thornwood's next mark. Kris convinces Thornwood to partner with her on a scam.
Day Three—Julie investigates the holding company that purchased Regis's art gallery (Trans Allied Associates), which turns out to be based in a meat packing company.
Day Four—Thornwood proposes to Regis.
Day Five—Thornwood marries Regis in what he thinks is a false wedding but turns out to be real.


Guest star: David Hedison

It seems likely that Joe Fenell will have a use for John Thornwood's particular set of skills.