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Gloria was a marine decorated for valour. After being court-martialled for a deadly mistake she ended up working for Charlie.[1]


Gloria didn't have any living family when she died, though when a teenager she had an uncle who owned a garage.

She grew up in Saint Theresa's Orphanage in El Salvador, where she met Eve French. She had a wooden box in the shape of a butterfly that had belonged to her mother, and from her time at the orphanage kept it with her constantly.

She was part of a gang of car thieves, and had a tattoo on her arm symbolizing this. She quit the gang when she joined the United States Marine Corps.

The night Eve was arrested, Gloria was with her in the car. Eve let Gloria flee the crime scene and took the full blame.

Covers and Techniques[]

Gloria was working on bringing Pajaro to justice on her own time, and declined to bring her fellow Angels in on the case. She was in touch with Eve and wanted to show her something, but was killed before they could confer.

Fellow Angels[]

Gloria worked alongside Abby Simpson and Kate Prince. She died while still employed by Charlie. Abby and Kate considered her a sister, and Abby gave her a stuffed animal for the Christmas before her death.

Memorable Quotes[]

Gloria: Have a marguerita for me.
Kate: We will have two margueritas for you.


Gloria first appeared in Angel with a Broken Wing, which also depicted her death.


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