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"Trust Me, I'm No Angel."

Eve French was a criminal thief with a habit for taking cars that weren't hers until she became one of Charlie Townsend's Angels, serving alongside Kate Prince and Abby Simpson.


When she was five, Eve's parents were killed in El Salvador, where they had gone as aid workers. She met Gloria Morales at Saint Theresa's Orphanage in the same country. Gloria took Eve under her wing and protected her. They were both hiding in the chapel of the orphanage on a night when Pajaro and his men showed up to kidnap girls as sex slaves.

When she was thirteen, she built her first car engine in a garage owned by Gloria's uncle.

Eve was part of a gang of car thieves, and had a tattoo on the back of her neck symbolizing this. She pleaded no contest to grand theft auto and manslaughter in 2005 for a stolen Lamborgini that she got into a high-speed chase and ended up killing a cab driver. She was served four years in Tallahassee Women's Correctional. After she was paroled, she was met by Gloria, who helped her get back on her feet.

Her address was listed as boat/house/93488 in the Biscayne Marina. Her houseboat, the Papillon I was shot up by Pajaro's men.[1]

Covers and Techniques[]

Eve is able to endure long periods of torture, as can be seen when she was kidnapped or offers to be used as a hostage.

Eve is very skilled with engines. She is able to make direct calls in any type of vehicle, maintain the engines and has high driving skills.

She knows how to perform basic life support, as demonstrated when she did it on a drowned man.

Eve is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Fellow Angels[]

Eve started working for Charlie after Gloria's death, taking her place. She worked alongside Abby Simpson and Kate Prince and there is chemistry between her and Bosley .

Memorable Quotes[]

Eve: Nuns force you to be crafty.[2]

Eve: Aww, the city of romance.


Bosley: Miami?

Eve: Paris

'Bos'ley: Ah, Paris you've ever been there?

Eve: No one's invited me yet.

Eve: This is taking too long (punches the gaurd)

Eve: I don't do wait.


Eve first appeared in Angel with a Broken Wing, when she joined the Angels.