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Elena Houghlin is a main character and one of the Angels of Charles Townsend in the 2019 film Charlie's Angels. She is portrayed by Naomi Scott.


Elena Houghlin was a top graduate at MIT who was later employed as a systems engineer at Brok Industries to create Calisto, a power source intially intended to revolutionize energy.



Elena detected a minor flaw in Calisto, making it a remotely accessible lethal weapon capable of inducing untraceable fatal seizures. After discovering this defect, Elena attempts to address this with her supervisor and project head, Peter Fleming.

Elena arrives at Brock Industries carrying a prototype of Calisto and greets Fleming's secretary, Ingrid. Fleming is an arrogant, self-centered business man who disregards Elena's warnings about Castilo and covers up the incidence with Julio, a second engineer who was hospitalized after an epileptic attack involving Castilo. Elena asks if the founder and owner of the company, Alexander Brock, read her report on the matter. Fleming forbids her from discussing the defect and insists Castilo will enter the market. While leaving the office, Elena is stopped by Ingrid who hands her a card with Townsend Agency's information.

That evening, Elena and the other Castilo scientests meet with Brock to demonstrate Calisto's capacity. Fleming takes credit for Elena's work, even though he clearly knows little about the device, and deceives everyone by insisting the device is safe to living organisms.

Wanting to expose Fleming, Elena calls the Townsend Agency to meet with Edgar Bosley in Hamburg, Germany, and is oblivious that the agency is a spy organization. Edgar is being assisted by two angels, Jane Kano and Sabina Wilson. Elena explains the situation with Calisto to Edgar and asks him to reveal the flaw to Brock. Edgar agrees to assist Elena, who presents a flash drive containing evidence with data reports. Jane, disguised as a waitress, abruptly warns them that they need to leave. They are ambushed by Mr. Hodak, an assassin. Jane fights the assassin while they finally escape with Edgar Dessange by driving away. While being pursued by Hodak, Jane begins firing back with an assault rifle. Edgar is shot in the neck by Hodak, who rams into their car and sends them into the river. Jane saves Elena from drowning inside the car while Sabina attempts to apprehend Hodak, who escapes by combusting his car.

Elena is deeply in shock while Jane and Sabina recover in a field, where Jane mourns the death of her friend, Edgar. A car approaches with Bosley 342, aka Rebekah, who takes them to Safe House no. 6 in Germany.

Elena begins to understand they are female spies and is highly anxious to learn that Hodak was actually trying to kill her. Elena explains that the Calisto flaw is dangerous and that even though she could fix the defect, a proficient hacker would still be able to weaponize it. Rebekah asks if anyone else knows about the defect, which Elena states that she had filed a report after her colleague, Julio, was hospilatized during a security test with Calisto and remains unable to speak or distinguish colors. Rebekah and Elena confirm that although Calisto is not in production, there are seven remaining protoypes. Rebekah and the Angels devise a plan to enter Brock Industries along with a reluctant Elena by identically disguising themselves as Susan, Elena's co-worker, to gain security clearance.

Elena arrives at Brock Industries who is stopped by a security guard named Ralph. In the bathroom, Elena is suprised to see Jane and Sabina already inside the building and is alarmed to hear that they gained access by stealing Sven Ludwig and Pradeep Prasad 's ID cards. Jane goes over the plan: Sabina will retrieve the six prototypes from the vault, Elena will retrieve the prototype from her lab, and Jane will distract security.

In the vault, Sabina discovers the prototypes were taken by Peter Fleming informs Rebekah, who alerts the Angels that Pradeep unexpectedly returned to the company. The security guard, Ralph, begins sending out a security team to apprehend Elena. The real Elena arrives at her laboratory and takes the prototype of Callisto. Ralph and his men continue trailing Elena, who are apprehended by Sabina and Jane. While escaping, Elena meets her co-worker Susan and tells her that Fleming is waiting in the lab. Ralph and security team surround Susan before realizing they were tricked by Elena.

Elena meets up with Jane and are stuck in the warehouse. Elena suggests putting the Castilo prototype on the generator to overload the door with an electromagnetic pulse while hiding a safe distance away. Elena verbally activates the short range discharge and is horrified to see Ralph approaching the door. Elena attempts to warn Ralph despite Jane's objections, who ignores her warnings. The protoype unleashes a pulse that breaks down the door and kills Ralph. Rebekah and Sabina appear in a van to pick up Jane and Elena, who leaves the prototype behind because it was no longer functionable.

They arrive in Berlin and drive to a half-built building. Rebekah welcomes Elena to the Berlin delegation for Townsend Agency. They arrive at a kitchen where she meets "The Saint, or El Santo, who warmly greets her and helps readjust her rib.

Elena, the Angels, and Bosley eat the feast the Saint prepared in honor of Edgar. After dinner, Elena is disturbed to learn that Fleming was likely the the contractor of the assassin as Rebekah demonstrates that Fleming stole the prototypes and buried her reports. Rebekah receives a message Fleming is in Instabul. Rebekah, Jane, and Sabina speak in private before taking Elena to the dressing room.

El Santo tells Jane that he wants to show her something while Sabina gives Elena some glasses and tells her to try them on, she does it and when she watches Sabina she sees all her data (fingerprint, age, arrests, when she was recruited, etc.). Rebekah asks if she could use her hacking skills with a universal interface, Elena declares that she can hack everything. El Santo shows them that Jane is holding a high-speed rifle to fire non-lethal but fast-acting and powerful tranquilizer darts. El Santo asks if Elena is equipped with communicators, Rebekah confirms. Elena asks if they are headphones but Rebekah, Jane and Sabina show her that they have a subdermal transmitter (Sabina has it on her neck and Jane on her arm). Elena asks: "Will I have a 'tattoo'" but Rebekah tells her no and that the "tattoos" are received by the Angels over time and the Saint puts Elena a gold bracelet with a communicator in her knot, Rebekah explains that while wearing it could hear them. Elena tries to pick up a "box of caramelitos" but Santo slaps it away saying that they better stop touching everything because some of the objects explode.


Elena, Sabina, Jane and Rebekah arrive in Istanbul. Elena is impressed by the place, Rebekah says that they must find out where Fleming will meet with his buyer to get Calisto back. Elena asks how they find it. Rebekah doesn't know very well because they are outside the agency network. Jane says that she might have a contact, a former Mi6 partner to locate Fleming. Because Jane left her old partner Fatima Ahmed behind on a mission and the latter lost everything, she, Sabina, Rebekah and Elena have to give her all the necessary material to rebuild her clinic in exchange for her help. Having everything she needs, Fatima, thanks to one of her contacts, tells them that Fleming is at the Passa hotel and she even sneaks them into her room in exchange for the van.

Elena stays in her hotel room as she is the killer's target and Fleming could recognize her if he sees her while Sabina, Jane and Rebekah sneak into Fleming's room to search for information on who the buyer is and where the purchase will be. They meet with Elena and Rebekah explains that Fleming will sell Calisto at a racetrack. Rebekah continues explaining to Jane, Sabina and Elena what they should do until the latter interrupts saying "I want to help. Girls, I'm not just a scared kid from your witness protection program. I can help you get in and out of anywhere. I hack into any system and do it fast. You need my help, Ms. Bosley. And no tell me I can't do it because I know I can. I'm ... I'm sick of staying here. I'm ... I've tried it. I want more. And I want in.". Rebekah, Jane and Sabina find it very adorable what Elena has said and Rebekah tells her that she will come because she is at the meeting, Jane reminds her that they have given her the universal interface and the bracelet with the communicator and she also tells him that he was going to give the tablet at the end of the meeting. Elena asks Rebekah to continue.

Rebekah assigns to all her jobs: Elena must access the central computer of the racecourse to use the security cameras and monitor Fleming, Jane will observe people who may be suspicious with a Townsend Agency glasses, Sabina must catch Fleming and the Calisto's buyer once identified and Rebekah will take care of transportation (an ambulance) and extraction. Elena accesses the security cameras and can see everything they see with her tablet, she can also see Jane, who is in a watchtower, with some binoculars and sees her loading the rifle that Santo made with tranquilizer darts. Rebekah tests the audio from the communicators and when Elena tells her it's okay, Rebekah tells her not to talk to the bracelet. A man sits with Elena and Elena sees a suspicious man and asks the man who has sat down if he knows who he is. He tells her who he is and Elena repeats it out loud for the Angels and Bosley to hear. Elena sees Fleming in the camera and tells Sabina that she has seen him, the latter goes to Fleming, Jane prepares to shoot him and Rebekah prepares the transport. Jane also sees that the murderer is with Fleming and shoots him but misses and the two get into a Mercedes and Angel discovers that the sale is not at the racecourse. Rebekah orders the angels to meet her in her ambulance. Elena gets to the ambulance first, followed by Jane and Sabina, who had gotten on a horse and put a scraper on the Mercedes. Elena is impressed to see that Sabina knows how to ride a horse, she tells her that the more money, the more horses. Rebekah trades the ambulance for a car and has Jane track down Fleming and Fleming tells her they are going to a quarry. Rebekah tells him to find the plans.

Rebekah tells them to stay outside until they tell her. Elena says "I think I'm too fancy" and Sabina gives her some sneakers to change into her heels and Rebekah gives her a black bag. Jane, Sabina and Elena approach the quarry and Jane sees an entrance and approaches it, going up the structure while Sabina and Elena wait for her below. Sabina takes out of Elena's bag a box with "caramelitos" and when a guard sees them, Sabina connects the "caramelito" and the guard falls unconscious, revealing that what the box contains is sedative. Sabina tells Elena to wake up and they go to meet with Jane. Sabina and Jane throw the control room guard out the window and seeing Fleming and the buyers on the security computer, they tell Elena to close the exit and lock herself inside the control room, they leave and they give him the box of sedatives, reminding him that they are not candy. Elena closes the exit through the computer and says Jane and Sabina "The door is closed. The exit is three floors up" while they are approaching the auction. Sabina and Jane discover that Jonny Smith is Fleming's go-between for selling Callisto to an anonymous customer. Fleming hands the 6 prototypes to Smith and the latter shows him the money he owes but Jonny insists that his client wants him to show him what Calisto can do. Fleming refuses and offers silly excuses as to why not. Seeing it on camera, Elena says "You don't even know how it works, do you?". At that moment, Hodak kills Fleming with a gunshot to the head, which angers Jonny Smith. Jane tries to talk to Rebekah about what they should do now but Rebekah is gone. Sabina asks where Rebekah is and Elena says she doesn't see her. Smith sends one of his men to the control room when they see that the exit does not work. Elena tells Jane and Sabina that the man is heading towards them. Jane starts shooting darts at the men upstairs and she and Sabina knock out the man who goes to the control room. One of the men falls from the stairs to the ground, which alerts Smith and orders everyone to go up. Elena says her companions "Oh mother. Girls, what's going on?. A shootout ensues between the Angels and Smith's men. Jane goes after Hodak while Sabina continues to fight Smith's men. The man enters the control room and finds Elena. She warns him "Stay away. I know krav maga". He taunts her and Elena gives him two punches and 1 kick and he attacks her but she dodges him. Jane tries to shoot Hodak, Sabina fights and defeats another Smith man thanks to Elena moving a chain during their fight. Elena continues to fight the man and accidentally opens the exit, Sabina tells her to close it but Jonny escapes. Elena uses the computer as a shield against the man and the computer mouse as a weapon to hit him while Jane chases after Hodak. Sabina goes up to help Jane but another man ambushes her and throws her on a conveyor belt, she tells Elena to stop the belt but she cannot because she is still fighting against the man and tries to grab the box of sedatives but cannot. Elena kicks the man off of him and throws water at him, damaging the machines. She tries to control the conveyor belt and throws the wheelchair at the man, but eventually Sabina and her enemy fall into the shredder. Elena tells Sabina to stand aside. She does it but the man holds her, Elena moves the machine with the chain towards the shredder and calls Jane to help them. She is forced to let Hodak escape and goes to help them. Elena, moving the chain down, tells Sabina to hold on, she does. When Elena sees Jane she tells her to hold onto the other end of the chain. Jane jumps up, grabs onto the chain, and pulls Sabina out of the shredder. Elena is glad to see that Sabina is fine and laughs at her comment. The man in the control room goes to Elena and she takes one of the sedatives and tries to put it on her neck but accidentally sticks it in her index finger and falls unconscious while saying "it is on the other side". Jane shoots the man.

Elena wakes up when a girl touches her thinking that she is dead. Somewhat stunned, Elena asks Sabina and Jane if they are on a boat, Sabina answers yes. At night, Elena, Sabina and Jane arrive at their safehouse and call Rebekah but she is not there either. Elena and Jane do not understand why Rebekah has left but Sabina tells them that she believes Rebekah is secretly working against the agency and has been manipulating them to steal Callisto. Jane refuses to believe it. Elena remembers that the idea to steal Callisto from the lab was Rebekah's. Sabina explains why Rebekah may have betrayed them: they always fail to recover Callisto, Fleming is dead, Callisto and Rebekah have disappeared and Jonny Smith said he represented someone and it could be Rebekah. At that moment the phone rings in Elena's room and she goes to pick it up. John Bosley warns the Angels that they are in danger and to get out of the safe house. At that moment, a bomb explodes and destroys the safe house. Elena gets up, sore from the explosion and unable to hear well, and goes out into the street. When Elena regains her hearing, Rebekah appears with a gun and tells her not to get up but John Bosley shoots her twice with his gun. Bosley grabs Elena and takes her to his car, she has not realized that she no longer has her bracelet with the communicator after Bosley forced her in the car by dropping it.


Unbeknownst to her, Elena is kidnapped by John Bosley, who went rogue and betrayed the Townsend Agency. Bosley treats Elena as if she were a guest, he also shows her clothes and lets her choose what she wants. Elena asks "Why are you so formal? This is another headquarters? Do you know anything about Jane and Sabina? Are they ... Are they coming?". Bosley is amused by all of Elena's questions and she tells him that she is only trying to understand her situation. Bosley tells him that soon he will be able to talk to Alexander Brock about Calisto, Elena begins to explain what has happened until someone knocks on the door and it is Hodak, so Elena understands that they have kidnapped her. They leave and let Elena change her clothes. Elena puts on a red dress and waits until Hodak comes in and puts a gold chain around her neck, Elena taunts the killer and he pulls her into Bosley's office and sits her on a chair. Elena says Bosley "You have betrayed them. You have betrayed the Angels" but Bosley tells her that he is retired and that she was going to teach her how to drive Calisto. Elena says Bosley "You thought Fleming would. He always attributed merits that did not correspond to him" before flatly refusing to do so but Hodak pulls on the chain Elena has around her neck for refusing to cooperate. Elena begins to whisper something and when Hodak comes over to hear what she says, she says that angels will come and bites his ear. Bosley hopes they will come soon.

Then Elena asks Bosley "Why are you doing this?" and he responds to neutralize any enemy in a discreet and anonymous way since for him Calisto's failure is a gift that gives power. At that moment, Alexander Brock enters his office, Elena tries to warn him of what is happening but Brock reveals himself as Bosley's partner and who hired the murderer to finish off Elena. She is surprised by this and asks him if he knows who Bosley is and he replies that he is his global security chief and who Calisto recovered from Fleming. Elena tries to tell her that Fleming was killed but Alexander ignores her. Elena understands that according to him as long as they have money that it matters that people die but Fleming sees it as a small price for the change that Calisto will make in the world, he even makes a bad comparison of dead like eggs to make a cake.

Elena corrects him saying "It is an omelette. If you are comparing dead to eggs, at least say the correct phrase", Brock decides to leave and orders Bosley to get rid of it but Hodak does not let him pass and even bends his wrist when he tries to leave. Elena begins to laugh at Brock seeing that he is such an idiot that he doesn't realize Calisto is being stolen from him and they plan to use him as a weapon, which Elena explains to him. A while later, Bosley asks her to give him access to Calisto and when he refuses Hodak squeezes her neck. Elena says him "Do not do it. They have killed everyone who knew this except you and me" but Brock does it, at that moment Brock's mobile rings and he sees that someone has tried to access his safe, Elena and Bosley deduce that Sabina and Jane are in the mansion and Hodak goes to investigate. Bosley orders Elena to continue, but she refuses, saying "Go to hell". To coerce her, Bosley reveals that Langston is trapped in Brock's closet.

Elena is forced to hack into Calisto and gives it to Bosley when she only needs her name and fingerprint. Bosley, to make sure it works, orders a short-range power discharge without override, Calisto starts blinking. Bosley and Alexander leave, lock up and let Elena and Langston die in the office. Elena gives Brock the middle finger as he leaves and goes to untie Langston. In the office Elena looks for a key while Langston knocks on the door for help. Sabina arrives to free Elena and Langston while Jane fights and kills Hodak. Sabina releases Elena and the two hug. Sabina sees Calisto and worries about what might happen but Elena tells her that nothing is wrong, that she has programmed it to blink the light. Rebekah "Bosley" tries to fight Bosley but all his men have her and when they prepare to kill her, the lights go out. When the light returns, it is revealed that Rebekah has taken the gun from Bosley. Jane, Sabina, Elena and other angels are also there and they sedate Bosley's men who fall to the ground, unconscious. Elena begins to look around her and sees Ingrid and other women she had seen in the case. Ingrid winks at her and Elena sees that they are all angels. Jonny reveals to have defected to Rebekah and the angels and Sabina knocks out Bosley. Rebekah "Bosley" orders the angels to clean this up and asks Elena if she wants to go with them to be an angel. Jane and Sabina begin to explain their training to Elena. Langston appears and greets Jane. The two begin to flirt, much to Elena and Sabina's surprise.

Upon arriving at the Townsend Agency, Elena sees Brock being arrested on the news. At that moment, Elena meets and introduces herself to Kelly Garrett, she introduces herself and welcomes her. Elena's training consists of driving a car well, learning to fight, disarming an explosive and in a plane all the rookies go parachute except Elena who has to land the plane. She lands it and meets with Sabina and Jane to congratulate her. The angels get in and out in a car while talking about how amazing it was.

In the end, Elena makes it through training and officially becomes an Angel. Jane tells her to sign a chair with her name on it, which Elena does. Sabina serves a few shots for the three of them to relax. Sabina sits Elena on the chair and she decides where she wants her official tattoo and asks Jane and Sabina how much it can hurt. At that moment, Charlie greets the angels and they salute him. Charlie congratulates Elena on passing the training and Santo declares that he is ready, prompting Elena to tell him "Hell yeah, give me my wings".

Also, Elena begins working with Jane and Sabina as a team for the Townsend Agency.


Elena is highly intelligent and a skilled hacker who graduated at the top of her class at MIT. During the earlier missions, Elena was insecure and highly anxious during the early stages of the mission resulting in her panicking. Nonetheless, Elena is shown to be greaty caring and easily befriended Jane and Sabina. After working together, Elena transitions from being the shy scientist to a confident and assertive Angel. [1]

Physical Appearance[]

Elena has medium-length dark brown hair, brown eyes, and olive skin tones. She wears a variety of styles, including cropped t-shirts to striped a-line skirts that she pairs with statement jewelry.


Angel Team[]

After completing her training to become an Angel, Elena starts working alongside her friends and fellow Angels Jane Kano and Sabina Wilson. She is the youngest of the Angels and the last to join the team.


  • Elena takes Krav Maga on Sundays.
  • She rides her bike to work.