Elena Houghlin is a main character and one of the Angels of Charles Townsend in the 2019 film Charlie's Angels. She is portrayed by Naomi Scott.


Elena was a top graduate at MIT and was later employed as Chief Tech Engineer at Brock Industries and created Calisto that was supposed to provide energy but accidentally made a flaw.

However, Elena discover what Calisto can do and finds out that it can be use for anybody personal gain. Wanting to expose her superior, Alexander Brock, for this, Elena called the Townsend Agency for help and meet Edger Bosley. However, they were ambush by an assassin named Hodak as he killed Edger Bosley but Elena was saved by Angels named Jane Kano and Sabina Wilson. After meeting up with Rebekah Bosley, Elena teams up with Jane and Sabina to figure out who wants to use Calisto and tried to have her killed. During the case, Elena discover a side she never knew she had and started to bond with the Angels as she comes to see them like sisters. However, Elena was kidnapped by John Bosley, who went rogue and betrayed the Townsend Agency, as she started to figure out that her boss not only wanted her dead but also sees how dumb he was to see that Calisto was being stolen from him. Elena was rescued by Sabina, Jane and Rebekah Bosley as they managed to close the case. After that, Elena gets recruited to become an Angel and accepts the offer. Through the training, Elena managed to get through it and official became an Angel and got their official tattoo. Also, Elena begins working with Jane and Sabina as a team for the Townsend Agency.


Elena is very smart as she graduated at the top of her class at "MIT" and is a skilled hacker. Also, Elena was very shy as she would get scared real easily and whenever she is in shocked she would throw up as she assumes things, shown that she thought yellow was her color and that the assassin was shooting at all of them. Elena does have a heart of gold and easily became best friends with Jane and Sabina. However, Elena went through a great change from that shy scientist to a strong confident Angel who would't back down from doing what's right. [1]


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Fellow AngelsEdit

After completing her training to become an Angel, Elena starts working alongside her friends and fellow Angels Jane Kano and Sabina Wilson.


  • Takes Krav Maga on Sundays.
  • Rides her bike to work.
  • She meet Kelly Garrett, who welcomed her to the Townsend Agency.



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