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When the Angels are summoned to investigate a strangulation, it leads them to the popular Freddie’s Disco where they go undercover to prevent another killing. Kris burns up the floor, but can she escape the unbalanced disc jockey?


A homeless man is strangled by a serial killer who preys on elderly men just after they get off the city bus. All of the victims had some connection to a disco called Freddie's, so the Angels go undercover at the establishment. Kris wins a job as partner for Mario Monterro, a handsome dancer who is studying to become a lawyer. She meets his father, who doesn't seem to care much for other senior citizens. Kelly pitches new records to Harry Owens, a popular but eccentric D.J. Sabrina poses as a reporter for Disco Magazine and investigates owner Fred Heston, who had argued with the deceased on the night of the most recent murder. Heston uses Harry as his alibi because he was with his mistress/secretary all night. He fears that his wife hired the Angels to prove his infidelity and help her get a hefty divorce settlement. Heston shares his suspicions with Harry, who tries to attack Kelly. He is interrupted by a visit from his father, who lambastes him for forgetting an appointment to put flowers on his mother's grave. Harry flies into a blind rage, and Kelly suspects that he might be killing other elderly men to deal with his anger toward his father. Bosley discovers that Harry lost his driver's license after a drunk driving conviction a few months earlier, and had likely been riding the bus with the victims.


Client: The Committee for Concerned Elder Citizens
Assignment: Investigate the deaths of three elderly men in the last four months.
Complications: One of their primary suspects believes them to be private detectives hired by his wife to discover his affair.
Romantic Entanglements: Kris was instantly attracted to Mario and the two became very close.
Outcome: The Angels discover and capture the murderer. No further mention is made of the client after the beginning of the episode.

Things of Note[]

Presumably Cheryl Ladd did extra rehearsals for this episode; not only was she dancing to two songs with two different partners, but she had a catfight (also to disco music).

Cheryl Ladd kept the green sweater she wore in the episode and wore it at least 30 years later in a joint interview with Jaclyn Smith on the Today Show, as she mentioned how much she liked it

Song copyrights were obviously either very expensive or legally impossible—the renditions of popular disco songs at the time are covers, and Chic’s Dance Dance Dance cover is horrid.