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Roth travelled in international circles, and was considered part of the jet set. He was the heir to several fortunes, including that of the merchant banking Roths of London. He owned property all over the world, including some condominiums in the Los Angeles marina. He owned a sailboat and kept it in San Francisco.

He was extremely skilled. He was a polo champion, a sailor, and a racer. In addition, he was an incredible jewel thief, known as the Ice Cat. He spends most of his free time exercising. When confronted with a live cobra, he was able to calm it through swaying and hand motions.

He had a reputation for being impervious to feminine wiles. Kris, Kelly, and Tiffany all tried to flirt with him, to no effect. Bosley didn't make the attempt. He called himself a recluse, and refused to give interviews.

Roth fell in love with Jill Munroe after she won the Grand Prix. She took advantage of his feelings to become his lover and then catch him in the act of stealing.