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Charlie's new yacht is the hiding place of a cache of gold. A cruel drug kingpin wants it back, but the Angels are in the way. Meanwhile, Bosley romances the lovely decorator of the yacht who has ties to the theft.


Client: none
Assignment: none
Complication: By random chance, Charlie's new yacht was selected by pirates to be used to rob a thief on the run from his home country.
Romantic Entanglements: Bosley dated Pat Justice before discovering her deception and her association with the thief and love interest Ken Atamien.
Outcome: The two men who stole the yacht were killed by the criminal from whom they stole the gold. He and his men were arrested, as was Pat Justice.

Bosley Bumbles[]

An inebriated Bosley flirts with Pat for a bit while the two of them look at the empty slip on the pier before realizing that the yacht has disappeared.

Memorable Quotes[]

Kris: Bosley, are you sure you went to the right slip?
Bosley: Of course I am sure! I am a detective! I'm trained to find things, not to lose them! You know, I cannot believe it. I lost a 100-foot yacht.

Bosley: [upon discovering dozens of gold bars aboard the yacht] Well I knew Charlie paid a lot of money for the boat but that's awfully expensive ballast!


Tiffany dangles from a line after Kelly has trouble bringing the yacht into port.

Tiffany crashes her Pinto through a garage door.


The episode spans three days.
Day 1 - Bosley meets Pat aboard the Wayward Angel then takes her for dinner. After dinner he notices that the yacht is gone.
Day 2 - The yacht reappears. Kris finds blood on the bridge. Tiffany finds gold bars in a cupboard.
Day 3 - Bosley holds a party aboard the yacht. Afterward, he and Pat are captured by General Ranez. The Angels rescue him.

Things of note[]

Guest Star: Beverly Garland