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Charlie Townsend is a retired detective with a lot of enemies. For the protection of his employees, he never allows more than one of them (Bosley) to know his appearance.

Charlie worked for the Office of Strategic Services during World War II.[1] During that time he worked with Cal Jeffers.[2]

Charlie's birthday is in mid-November.[3]

One of Charlie's old enemies is Malcolm Case, who trapped and hunted the Angels in order to get back at him.[4]

As of December 1979, Charlie owned a 100-foot yacht called the Wayward Angel. It was registered as being owned by the Townsend Agency, not him personally. Its interior design was done by Pat Justice. After its theft and recovery, it was impounded as evidence for three months.[5]

Eric Knox threatened to track down and kill Charlie and his Angels because he thought he was responsible for murdering his Dad (secretly a Double Agent) who was discovered and executed in Charlie's platoon in the Vietnam War.

Kelly Garrett simulating Charlie's voice while speaking to Bosley 342 about recruiting Elena Houghlin.

Bosley implies that Charlie is dead by the time of Charlie's Angels (2019). It is later revealed that Kelly Garrett was chosen to take over Townsend Agency and continued his legacy by using his voice in a voice simulator on her computer to speak to the Bosley and Angels through the speaker box while her identity as "Charlie" remains anonymous.


"Charlie, how will we ever know you really exist unless you come down here and have a coconut with us?"
-Natalie to Charlie on the phone while celebrating with Dylan, Alex and Bosley on the beach outside his house following the Knox Kidnapping Case's close and before Dylan spots him watching from afar.

"Faith, Angels, it's called faith."
-Charlie responds to Natalie

"Good Morning, Angels!!!"

-Charlie's catchphrase to all of the Angels.