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Carl was educated at Harvard. He used to play football, but it's not clear if this was at Harvard or elsewhere.

According to Phil Chadway, he was one of the youngest up-and-comers in the American political scene. Carl was a friend of President Jimmy Carter, and was his envoy to the United Nations.

He was a world-class amateur skier, and competed when possible. He was stubborn, and claimed that he would rather die than run away scared. He insisted on continuing in a skiing competition even after learning that someone was there to threaten his life.

When told that one of the Angels would be playing the part of his companion, he immediately nominated Kelly. She was aware of his reputation as a lady-killer on Capitol Hill, and felt that he lived up to his press.

Carl was assisted in his political duties by Elizabeth James, who kept him organized and had contacts at the United Nations and in Washington, DC.