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In honor of John Bosley, the Charles Townsend Detective Agency created a "Bosley" rank that is similar to "lieutenant".[1] Bosleys' recruit, train, and assist the Angels. They are the only ones that get to see Charlie, although it is unknown if they have all seem him. It is also unclear if Bosleys only work with a single team of Angels or multiple ones.

Originally there was only one Bosley, John Bosley (code 001), until he left for unknown reasons and was replaced by his adoptive brother, Jimmy Bosley. As the agency grew, more men were externally hired to help the Angels until Rebekah became the first female and Angel to become a Bosley.

John Bosley[]

The original Bosley (code 001) who worked for the Agency since 1976. Through the years he worked with many Angels, and as he said "recruit them": Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe, Kelly Garrett, Kris Munroe, Tiffany Welles, Julie Rogers, Natalie Cook, Alex Munday, Dylan Sanders, Rebekah, Sabina Wilson and Jane Kano on a mission. He also met Elena Houghlin but before she became an Angel.

He probably also worked with Madison Lee and her fellow Angels.

In the beginning he was a good man who did his best but after Charlie died and he did not became the new head of the Townsend Agency he started to make his own network of criminals and people loyal to him, betraying the agency.

He worked for 43 years at the agency from 1976 to 2019.

Rebekah "Bosley 342"[]

She is a former Angel who's real name is unknown. She was first Angel to be promoted to Bosley (code 342) at the agency.

After one of her colleagues and friends, Edgar, was killed during the Callisto assignment, she took the lead to assist Jane, Sabina, and Elena from preventing the prototypes entering the market. After they arrested John and retrieved the prototypes, she recruited Elena to become an Angel.

She helped with the training of the recruits and most likely will work with the new team of Angels.

Edgar "Bosley" Dessange[]

He was a Bosley that worked in Paris, France with his protegee Jane.

He wanted to build a team of Angels for the Castilo case and invited Sabina after hearing they worked well together in Rio de Janeiro. He was shot by the assassin Hodak and drowned in the river while escaping with Jane and Elena.

Other Bosleys[]

At John Bosley's retirement party, there were several former and current Bosleys who came to congratulate him:

  • New York "Bosley", U.S.A. (played by Michael Strahan as a cameo appearance)
  • L.A. "Bosleys", U.S.A. (played by Neil Malik Abdullah, Nick Dong-Sik and Dennenesch Zoude)
  • London "Bosley", England
  • Cambrige "Bosley", England
  • Shanghai "Bosley", China
  • Moscow "Bosley", Russia
  • Mumbai "Bosley", India
  • Omdurman/ Khartoum "Bosley", Sudan
  • Zurich "Bosley", Switzerland
  • Rio de Janeiro "Bosley", Copacabana Beach, Brazil
  • Praga "Bosley", Czech Republic


  • According to Elizabeth Banks, there are 17 Bosleys at John Bosley's retirement party.
  • It is possible that Jimmy Bosley and John Bosley (2011) also refer to the same rank.
  • It also possible that other members of the Bosley family work for the Townsend Agency.
  • RuPaul appeared in a short film as Bos-sley.



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