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" Honey, a man can love you and still want you dead." - Rebekah to Elena, Charlie's Angels (2019)

Bosley 342, whose real name is Rebekah, was the first Bosley to be promoted from Angel.

Bosley 342's real name is Rebekah, but her surname is unknown. She is a former Angel and a Bosley in the Townsend Agency. She is portrayed A Sequel Charlies Angels 2 by Elizabeth Banks.


Rebekah was presumably born in the 1970's and began working for Charlie likely in the late 90s or early 2000's (possibly alongside Natalie Cook, Alex Munday and Dylan Sanders) under the wing of John Bosley. She was present with John in Vatican City when he met with the Pope. Most notably, Rebekah was the first Angel to be promoted to Bosley, and is still known by her Angel code as Bosley 342.


She is first seen at John Bosley's retirement party when she slips a tracking device in his drink. After her friend and colleague Edgar "Bosley" was killed by Hodak during the Calisto assignment Bosley 342 took over the case. At Safe House 6 in Germany, Bosley 342, Elena Houghlin, Jane Kano and Sabina Wilson begin plotting to retrieve the Calisto prototypes from Brock Industries. Monitoring the building in a nearby getaway van, Bosley 342 o they can get away fast with the Callisto prototypes, but someone beat them to them. Then they go the Berlin branch of the Agency, where they find out who stole Callisto, Peter Fleming, and that he is headed for Istanbul.


They get there but they have no way of finding Fleming since the Agency doesn't reach this far. With the help of one of Jane's former MI6 colleague they find where Fleming is, at the racing track. They try the get to Flaming but he gets away. They follow him to a rock quarry where the exchange was taking place. In the midst of it Bosley 342 was nowhere to be found and the Angels failed again. They returned to the safe house in Istanbul where they started to suspect Bosley 342 of turning against the Agency. The three of them were blow up. When Elena got outside Bosley 342 appeared with a gun and yelled "Stay down", after which she was shot by John Bosley. She regrouped with the Angels at Fatima's clinic, where The Saint where she told them that she wasn't the mole and that she was on Bosley's trail.


Together they made a plan to save Elena, by going undercover as guests to Brock's annual party according to the information she gathered from Jonny Smith. There they save Elena and arrest Bosley and his men. She then recruits Elena to become an Angel. She is last seen with the recruits on their last test, sky diving.

Bosley 342 will likely continue working with the newest team of Angels of Elena, Jane, and Sabina.

Physical Appearance[]

Bosley 342 has bob length, platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, and light skin.


She is often seen wearing coats, opting for sophisticated and classic styles.


Similar to Sabina, Bosley 342 is a partyer who enjoys her dangerous line of work. However, as a higher official at the agency, she remains cryptic about her past.


Vehicle Expert: She knows how to drive many types of vehicles including cars, planes, and ambulances, usually for getaways.

Expert Martial Artist: She knows how to fight in unarmed combat and how to use a gun.

Leadership Ability: Bosley is a competent and level-headed leader who has worked and trained with various Angel teams.

Like the other current Angels, she has the subdermal Angel Tattoo allowing her to talk with them.


"Did you really think you'd kill me, old badger?" - Bosley 342 to John Bosley

"My name is Bosley, and I'm going to kick your ass."


  • She especially likes eating and drinking.
  • She has access to the Agency's archive.
  • It is unknown who Bosley 342 worked during her Angel days.
  • During Angel training in California, she accidentally mentions that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an Angel.