• Ian678

    1. Van Halen songs: Beautiful Girls / You Really Got Me / Oh, Pretty Woman

    2. Allanah Myles: Black Velvet

    3. Apollo 440: Charlie's Angels 2000

    4. Def Leppard: Pour Some Sugar On Me (maybe)

    5. Madonna: 4 Minutes to save the world / Angel

    6. Destiny's Child: Independent Women

    7. Rod Stewart: Infatuation

    8. Joan Jett: Bad Reputation

    9. John Barry: String quartet intro from You Only Live Twice

    10. Space: Avenging Angels

    11. Paul McCartney: Spies Like Us

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  • Ian678

    Found this from a few months a go. So happy. So who do you think will be perfect for this film as the new Angels and why and who do you want to see as Charlie?. Personally I think George Clooney should be Charlie.

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  • Thomasb97

    The newest recruit of angels are here ~ ~ 2012-???? ~ ~

    This auburn haired, hazel eyed is confident, on top of everything and is the most strong willed of the angels. Rayne is a empowered women after her mother died and her drunken father attacked her when she was 13 and learned to defend herself, turned him into the police and has moved to several different foster homes all with care, but still having fear over her father.

    After she has found the perfect home, she learned that her new father is a college teacher in Space Science while her Mother is a daily news reporter. When Rayne was at school she was the shy, quiet girl in the back with the " New Girl " stereo type, labeled on her fore head. After Rayne graduated, she spent the rest of h…

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  • Amanda Young

    The original Charlie's angels t.v show angel articles have been unlocked along with the McG Charlie Angel film angels on one condition:

    That editors contribute more to them but to do not remove Anything already on the articles.

    Such as the infobox and character image within the infobox.

    The lovely character headers which take up the top part of the page or the rest of the information filling out the article already.

    The reason i blocked in the first place was in panic after a user removed one of the film angel's article infobox images.

    There hasn't been set up a official Manual of Style but please by reading know this is the Manual of Style for editing on those articles.


    Information wise or image wise of the overral infobox wise.

    Those …

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  • Tbug


    September 23, 2011 by Tbug

    The new series seems a lot darker than the old series. Sure, Kelly goes through heroin withdrawl once, but in Angel with a Broken Wing we have the murder of an Angel and child slavery. The interrogation scene wouldn't have fit in the classic series either, I don't think. So what I'm wondering is whether this is just something for the pilot or if all of the new episodes are going to be dark and gritty.

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  • Kate.moon

    New Charlie for New Angels

    September 22, 2011 by Kate.moon

    Finally! After a string of bad luck in casting Charlie for the revamp reboot of Charlie's Angels, the network has finally cast a worthy contender: Victor Garber. The renowned actor is well known for his role as Sydney's father in Alias and a shady professor in Legally Blonde.

    What do you think of this new casting? Does Garber have the voice to make it as Charlie? Remember that Charlie's Angels premieres TONIGHT!

    TV Line

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  • Tbug


    September 22, 2011 by Tbug

    I am uncomfortable with the amount of straight up copying and pasting that's happening on this wiki. One of the great things about a wiki is the ability to link outside of itself when information is necessary. If we really want to have that information available we can easily just make external links.

    Most of all, it seems like non-original content is being dumped into this wiki for no discernible purpose. For example:

    • The Filming Locations page should be a list of links, but instead it's just copied-and-pasted text that serves no purpose.
    • The Avenue Of The Stars page is improperly formatted for the wiki and because it's copied from a place that doesn't recognize the movies (unlike this wiki) it omits the most important reference to the locati…
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  • LexiLexi

    It has been announced that Erica Durance, of Smallville will be joining the cast of Charlie's Angels on ABC. Durance will play Samantha Masters, a CIA operative and tough cookie with a romantic past with Bosley, who is played by Ramon Rodriguez.

    Get ready for Charlie's Angels on ABC, debuting September 22 at 8/7c!


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  • Kate.moon

    The Old Spice dude, aka Isaiah Mustafa, will have a recurring role in the newest incarnation of Charlie's Angels coming this fall. He'll be playing an old flame of Kate's (played by Annie Illonzeh) named Detective Ray Goodson.

    Last seen in Chuck, Mustafa is most famous for his hilarious Old Spice ads in which he's mostly...naked. He'll still be the hunk in Charlie's Angels, but of a more conventional nature. Ray Goodson is a lawman turned detective who'll butt heads with Kate; it makes sense considering that they used to be engaged.

    Can you see Old Spice dude as a detective? You tell us!

    TV Line

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  • Kate.moon

    Charlie's Angels is a culturally iconic show. It's one of the first mainstream shows to showcase strong, attractive women who kick ass. Many shows have followed in their footsteps with modern incarnations like J.J Abram's Alias and Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Modern audiences first became re-acquainted with Charlie's Angels when the two popular films starring Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz came out during the 2000s. This time, Charlie's Angels is coming back to our TV screens this fall! Check out the latest three Angels: Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh and Rachael Taylor and make sure you catch Charlie's Angels on ABC!

    TV Fanatic

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