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Avenue of the Stars

2248 Avenue of the Stars Los Angeles, CA 90067

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REMEMBER IT FROM: "... the other in San Francisco." Most notably, this is the course where Kris Munroe took her San Francisco Police Department driver's training. Later on, when Jill comes home to introduce her fiance, she and the rest of the Angels rendezvous in a Century City parking lot while waiting for her contact.

Featured in these episodes: • [[|"Angels on Wheels"]], Season 1 • Opening Credits of Seasons 2-5 • [[|"Angel Come Home"]], Season 3

LOCATION NOTES: A few minor Angelic adventures took place on the famed Avenue of the Stars in the heart of Century City, California.

SFPD DRIVER'S TRAINING Though we're made to believe that Kris' driver's training took place in San Francisco (who wouldn't believe that little sign?), this scene, featured in Cheryl Ladd's section of the show's opening credits in every single episode for her full four-season run, was actually shot in a parking lot at Fox, located at the northwest corner of Pico Blvd. and Avenue of the Stars.

SHODDY BODYGUARDING Kris' training grounds were was also used as the place where the Angels play backup to visiting Jill who is waiting in the lot to meet with her old friend, the racecar driver, before she speeds away with him on the back of a motorcycle and past the Century Towers.

This lot sits on [[|20th Century Fox]]'s property, and during its Angelic days, really was just a parking lot. Today, it still retains parking spaces but also supports a large, new building. The cream-colored structure seen behind Kris, Bri, Bosley and Kelly as they run after Jill on the motorcycle is the William Fox Building, which is still sitting near the front entrance of the studio lot.

This parking lot is situated across the street from the [[|Century Towers]] (where a few different events took place), the far edge of which can be seen in the shot when Farrah rides into the street on the motorcycle.

WORLD TRADE CENTER DOUBLES In the background of these episodes, you'll notice the Century Plaza Towers, I and II. Erected in 1975, the twin towers stand 44-stories high and slightly resemble New York's World Trade Center Towers. They're the tallest buildings in Century City and are considered Los Angeles landmarks, unmistakable in the skyline, and in their many film and television appearances. Aside from glimpses in Charlie's Angels, they've also appeared in Remington Steele and Bruce Willis' "Die Hard".

RENDEZVOUS WITH EMMIT WINSTON, ESQ. Further down Avenue of the Stars, you'll find the building that was Sabrina's meeting place with the old stock broker in [[|Angels on Wheels]].