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The Angels go to Venice Beach to track down a missing skater from a roller skating rink. Kris joins the roller follies and an exciting chase down the boardwalk involves cars, bikes, and skates.


Client: Julia Lathrop
Assignment: Help recover Julia's step-daughter, Rita
Complication: Julia and Rita were estranged, and Rita had been hiding from Julia
Romantic Entanglements: none
Outcome: Rita was recovered and went back to live with Julia.

Bosley Bumbles[]

While under cover, Bosley lied to Gert (whose biggest dream is to be in the roller derby) and told her that she had an audition for the team. She became very excited, and demonstrated a strike on him. This knocked him to the ground and winds him. Later, after telling her that he had resigned as a recruiter, she became his roller skating teacher. In the only lesson shown, he ended up falling backward and knocking her over.

Memorable Quotes[]

Kris Munroe: You'll never be true Californian 'till you skate Venice.
Tiffany Welles: When did I say I wanted to be a true Californian?


Guest Cast[]

  • Rene Auberjonois as Freddie Fortune
  • Chris Mulkey as Reggie Martin
  • Ed Begley Jr. as Kenny Daniels
  • Roz Kelly as Gert Thomas
  • Joanna Barnes as Julia Lathrop
  • Lory Walsh as Rita Morgan
  • Nicholas Worth as Reed
  • Virgil Frye as Otis
  • John Forsythe as Charles Townsend


Filming locations
Flipper's Roller Boogie Disco Palace - La Cienega & Santa Monica Boulevards, West Hollywood, California, USA