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Tiffany and the Angels return to college when two of Tiffany's sorority sisters disappear. They uncover a white slavery ring with links to a handsome professor and Tiff's college house mother.


Client: Kappa Omega Psi Alumni Committee
Assignment: Find two missing sorority sisters.
Complication: While staying with her sorority, Tiffany got distracted by an old rivalry with Pi Nu.
Romantic Entanglements: Bosley ends up dating Willamena Campbell.
Outcome: No further security is put around the sorority, and Tiffany is kidnapped as well. The kidnappers are ultimately captured and the two missing women are released. The Angels determine that this is the same kidnapping ring that took two women from Berkeley in 1977, but they do not pursue those disappearances.

Things of note[]

Guest Star: Gary Collins

It's unclear where the university is. On the one hand, it's Tiffany's former school and she is firmly established as growing up and working in Boston, so that seems a logical place for her to have attended. On the other hand, when she's talking about University of California: Berkeley, she wonders if there's a connection to events that occurred "down here", which seems more likely to be referring to southern California than to Massachusetts. The kidnapped girls are in a house on the water, but this doesn't narrow things between the two likely locations. The later appearance of two of the university's students at the Townsend Agency's offices might suggest the California location. The climate also suggests California.

Tiffany proposed Steve Fitzpatrick as a suspect in the disappearance of the two women. She cited his bitterness at his sister's rejection from the sorority as his motive, but she was rejected after the disappearances (thus making his bitterness meaningless as a motive).