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The Angels don their bikinis and scuba gear to investigate a shipwreck holding a fortune in drugs.


Client: none
Assignment: none
Complications: none
Romantic Entanglements: none
Outcome: The police captured some drug smugglers.

Bosley Bumbles[]

When answering the phone while floating on a chair in the swimming pool, Bosley loses his balance and tumbles into the water.

Memorable Quotes[]

Julie: Bianca, I've had it with your lies and playing innocent! Because of you, Kelly and I were nearly kidnapped, Kris and Bos end up in front of a truck, and you and I were nearly killed!
Bianca: Look, Julie, I'm really sorry.
Kris: Bianca. Shut up.


While scuba diving, Julie is attacked by a knife-wielding diver.

Kelly and Julie are apprehended by two thugs, but the Angels quickly beat them up.


Day 1—Julie was attacked while scuba diving, then she and Kelly were attacked at the Pacific Towers. The hippies meet with the drug buyer. Biance follows the hippies and insists she's their new partner.
Day 2—The hippies break into Julie's hotel room. Julie captures Bianca and takes her back to the Townsend Agency, where she plays innocent. Bianca and the hippies meet with the buyer, and Julie takes Bianca back to the Townsend Agency again. The hippies get impatient, and insist that the deal take place immediately.


Guest stars: Sonny Bono, Anne Francis, and Soon-Tek Oh, who appears as a local police contact in the next several episodes. Antonio Fargas (an Aaron Spelling regular from Starsky and Hutch) also appears.

Sonny Bono's stoner partner-in-crime, Claude, spends much of the episode in white short-short bathing trunks. His big nuts bulge practically out of the trunks.

Several scenes take place at Pu’u ʻUalakaʻa, a famous state park viewpoint overlooking Pearl Harbor/Waikiki/Diamond Head. Surprisingly, no Don Ho in this episode.

This was the second episode filmed from the ‘Hawaii’ Townsend branch the Angels briefly moved to, and just like in the prior episode, there was no client to be billed for all the detective work!