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A wealthy gambler is murdered at a racetrack, so the Angels go undercover and discover a scheme where a losing horse is being switched with his winning twin. Sabrina is charmed by an Irish groom, but will his involvement in the case chill their romance?


Client: Valerie Ferrar
Assignment: Investigate the death of Les Ferrar
Complications: The murderer died partway through the episode, and Valerie (and her case) wasn't mentioned again.
Romantic Entanglements: The two surviving criminals (Kevin Ryan and Carter Gillis) each fell for an Angel, who led them along until they had gathered enough evidence for the men to be arrested.
Outcome: Gates (who murdered Les) keeled over from a heartattack while trying to kill Sabrina. His two accomplices lost all their money and were arrested by police detectives.

Bosley Bumbles[]

After the case was over, Bosley pretended to work while actually listening to horse racing over the radio.

Memorable Quotes[]

Bosley: [bemoaning that he bet on a horse that came last] But the bartender said he got it straight from the horse's mouth!