Charlie's Angels
Season 2, Episode 1
Paradise 4
Air date September 14, 1977
Written by John D. F. Black
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
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Angels on Ice


Just as Jill Munroe leaves the team to pursue a career racing cars, and new Angel Kris Munroe joins the team, someone kidnaps Charlie in Hawaii! The Angels go on an all-out search in a tropical paradise and meet a sexy and dangerous lady crimeboss who demands the Angels commit a jailbreak of her husband. The Angels are successful, but Charlie has been kidnapped by the crimeboss's rival, leading to a stealthy infiltration of his yacht.


This was the first episode of Cheryl Ladd, who would remain for the rest of the series. It was also the first of several two-hour specials.

Guest Stars: Don Ho and Norman Fell

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